Manish Malik

Manish Malik

Software Engineer

Hi, I am Manish Malik (aka m2n) from India. I am presently working with VMware as a Software Developer.

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Work Experience

  • Member of Technical Staff, VMware
    Sep 2018 - Present

    • I am working with vRealize Network Insight (vRNI) team of Cloud Management Business Unit(CMBU) in VMware.
    • My day to day tasks involves, implementing various features in the product which are used in monitoring and analytics of virtual and physical networks. I also fix bugs and handle customer escalations involved in various part of the product.
    • I also POC new technology/methods which improved the product. Some of my work was also filed for Patents.

  • Software Engineer, Adobe Systems
    Jul 2016 - Aug 2018

    • I am primarily working with Adobe Analytics team. More specifically I am working under data migration team of Adobe Analytics.
    • My work is to improve the quality of the migrations, in doing so I wrote several tools (in Python and Node.js to validate and detect the migration errors or presenting PoC for different technologies, which could improve validation process.
    • Also worked on building internal tools which are used in CI and CD.

  • Open Source Developer, ModSecurity (GSoC)
    May 2016 - Aug 2016

    ModSecurity is an opensource org. which provides web application firewall. Recently, ModSecurity have been redesigned from the scratch and splitted into cores and connectors.
    • My work was to create a robust connector for ModSecurity in Nodejs, as there aren’t many WAFs available for Nodejs.

  • Full Stack Developer Intern, Wishup
    Dec 2015- April 2016

    • I am actively involved in the team which is building real-time chatting dashboard (using sails pubsub support and dashboard handles over +15k active monthly users.
    • The back-end was built using modern MVC framework Sails.js which based on Node.js and dashboard built using Angular.js.

  • Open Source Developer, Rspamd (GSoC)
    May 2015 - Aug 2015

    Rspamd is an opensource org. for spam filtering. It comes up with a web interface which currently doesn’t support encryption at all.
    • My work was to encrypt the controlling messages from it’s web interface. I have implemented cryptobox in JavaScript on the top on tweet-nacl.js and have secured it against some common MiTM attacks such as replay attacks.


  1. [1] M. Ahmad and M. Malik. Design of chaotic neural network based method for cryptographic substitution box. IEEE-Xplore, 2016.
  2. [2] A. Chopra, M. Ahmad, and M. Malik. An enhanced modulo based image encryption. IEEE-Xplore, 2015.


  • Masters in Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology

    GPA: 4.0/4.0
    Online Masters in Computer Science (OMSCS), specialization in Machine Learning. Completed Courses:
    - Deep Learning (CS-7643)
    - Info Sec Lab Binexp (CS 6265)
    - Intro to Information Security (CS 6035)
    - Artificial Intelligence (CS 6601)
    - Big Data Analytics for Healthcare (CSE 6250)
    - Reinforcement Learning (CS 7642)
    - Machine Learning (CS 7641)
    - Machine Learning for Trading (CS 7646)
    - Graduate Algorithms (CS 8803 GA)
    - Introduction to High Performance Computing (CSE-6220)

  • Advanced Computer Security Certificate, Stanford University

    Online courses undertaken for this Certificate:
    - XACS101 - Software Security Foundations
    - XACS255 - Network Security
    - XACS215 - Mobile Security
    - XACS130 - Using Cryptography Correctly
    - XACS131 - Writing Secure Code
    - XACS133 - Exploiting and Protecting Web Applications

  • B.Tech in Computer Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia

    CGPA: 8.77/10.0

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Delhi, India

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